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Technical Information
Given Name Tirany
Kaiju Species Kaiju-Prime
Breach Date ?
Category VI
Status Alive
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 667m
Weight 8,791 metric tons
Speed ?
Strength ?
Armor ?
Battle Information
Attack Behavior ?
Toxicity Extremely High
Powers Electricity Beam, Acid Sack
Weaknesses Skin
Target Information
City Targeted Areas in the United Kingdom
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Veritgo blackpunch
 Tirany is a Category VI Kaiju-Prime that emerged from the Spacial Breach.


it was killed by Vertigo Blackpunch


Tirany has six eyes, three on each side of the head. Tirany is 667 meters tall, and is estimated to weight 8,791 metric tons (19,380,839 pounds). His body is not as protective as other Kaiju, but it can deflect metal surfaces when electricity is built up. Tirany has five arms, two pairs of wings, and three other arms. His feels like rough carpet, and is a blackish color.


Tirany has an acid sack similar to other Kaiju in his throat. He can spit an acidic liquid at far ranges with it. Tirany also has skin that absorbs any static electricity, which builds up in it body, allowing it to release a black electric beam out of its mouth.