Titan Crusher
Titan Crusher2
Technical Information
Given Name Titan Crusher
Launch Date December 7, 2016
Classification Mark-2
Status Active
Jaeger Specifications
Height 245ft
Weight 1,850 Tons
Speed 5
Strength 8
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment MGS112/Recharging Energy Cell

10TK/Gyro Stabilizers

Operating System Trans-Tao 2 Series
Energy Core Crocus ultima
Weapons I-19 Plasmacaster
Body Language Brawler
Pilots Jane Adad

Lisa Adad

Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information
Titan Crusher is a Mark-2 Jaeger that defends the coastline of Greece. It is stationed at the Thessaloniki Shatterdome. Titan Crusher is piloted by the sister duo Jane and Lisa Adad.


Fully operational and launched December 7, 2016, Titan Crusher was sent out only 5 days after its launch to fight a Cat. II Kaiju. The Kaiju made landfall in Athens and went on the rampage until Titan Crusher arrived on scene. Titan Crusher quickly went in knocking the beast down, thought the beast used its tail to knock the Jaeger off its feet. The Kaiju got on top and started in with its claws damaging the chest. Titan Crusher unveiled its I-19 Plasmacaster, firing upon it at point blank range. The Kaiju was finished and Titan Crusher stood above in victory. Soon after the battle, Titan Crusher went in for repairs, however, due to the budget at the time, the country could not finish repairs and so Titan Crusher stayed unrepaired waiting for the next Kaiju attack. With the end of the war and the Jaeger Restoration program under way, Titan Crusher was one of the first to be repaired and back to 100%. As the second war began, Greece looked for new pilots and found that the Ranger sisters Jane and Lisa Adad had one of the highest Drift compatibility. The sisters got their first taste of actual combat three months into the war. A Cat. IV had emerged and with no other Jaeger able to come to the aid of Greece, it was up to the old Jaeger. Titan Crusher was outmatched by the Kaiju, easily being overwhelmed by its speed. The pilots needed to think of a strategy quickly. They went on the defensive trying to keep the Kaiju from going any further and taking little damage as possible. As the battle went on the pilots realized they needed to go on the offense. They opened fire with their plasmacasters, managing to wound the beast. The Kaiju couldn't use its right arm as they had hit it in its shoulder and elbow. Titan Crusher then charged knocking it down to the ground and started to hit it. Soon they finished it with a plasma blast to the head, only suffering minimal damage, Titan Crusher proved it would be a force on the battlefield.


While it was a Mark-2 it had the Crocus ultima which was used as the energy core for Romeo Blue, it ran on the Trans-Tao 4 Series which is an upgrade to the Trans-Tao 3 Series. The Jaeger also has the I-19 Plasmacaster which was later used for Gypsy Danger. Titan Crusher was used as a test to see how well the plasmacaster would function before installing it on Gypsy. Its plasmacaster has longer charge time and shorter clip. Its heavy armor allows it to take more blows and it has decent speed.

Titan Crusher blueprints