Torpedo Sergeant
Technical Information
Given Name Torpedo Sergeant
Nickname(s) Torpedo
Launch Date December 16, 2027
Classification MK-VI
Status ...
Country of Origin United States
Jaeger Specifications
Height 280 ft
Weight 1,900 tons
Speed 8
Strength 10
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Equipment TS EXC Lens-Shield

TS-12 Nuclear Incinerator TS-9 Balance UA9 TS-20 Tesla Blades TS-15 Balance UL15 TS-8 Coldheat Absorber TS-11 Armored Feet

Operating System Torpedo_Sergeant_XIV
Energy Core RyTech Energy Fusion Cell V2
Weapons TS Warhead Mortars

TS Shoulder Darkmatter Launchers TS-AKM Missile Circle BackJet_V4 TS Head Weapon TS Torpedos

Body Language Mixed Martial Arts
Power Moves Torpedo Barrage (underwater)


Pilots Jeff Griffin

Harrison Goff

Kaiju Killed ...
Out-of-Universe information
Torpedo Sergeant is a Mark VI Jaeger based from the United States.

History Edit

Torpedo Sergeant started construction on April 30, 2027 and is launched December 16 later that year.

Torpedo Sergeant was deployed January 2, 2028 to fight Wadda, a Category 4 Kaiju. At first, Torpedo got the upper hand and severely wounded the Kaiju. But, Wadda grabs one of Torpedo's Tesla Blades and weakens it. Torpedo charges to the Kaiju and hits the heart. Torpedo then finished Wadda with a final punch.

Torpedo was sent to Anchorage to defend against a Category 3 Kaiju, AN-33. The Kaiju first introduces with a barrage of attacks that damaged the nuclear incinerator, disabling it. Torpedo launches missiles to the Kaiju's mouth. The Kaiju chokes and dies. Torpedo then undergoes a 1 month repair to reactivate the incinerator.

Torpedo Sergeant is victorious in the next two fights against Hordei and Jester.

On May 3, 2029, Torpedo was deployed on Tampa to defend against Hiruti, a Category 5, which is the slowest Kaiju, taking a month to take landfall in San Francisco, then 5 months more to reach Tampa without any barrier.

Hiruti charges and attacks first. Torpedo topples and lets the Kaiju pass and make landfall. Torpedo tries to catch up. Torpedo fires from his darkmatter launcher to damage the Kaiju further. Hiruti bites Torpedo's Head and Conn-Pod. This move injures Harrison Goff. Jeff Griffin has to pilot Torpedo on his own. Before the Kaiju makes the final blow, it is attacked from behind by Rapid Tough. Because of the heavy damage, Torpedo Sergeant is sent back to the Anchorage Shatterdome early because it has to be repaired for 11 months. Rapid Tough then kills the Kaiju.