This article, Toxaroicon, is still being created. The author apologizes for the inconvenience.
Technical Information
Category Cat IV
Status Deceased
Origin Antverse, Mediterranean Breach
Kaiju Specifications
Speed 6
Strength 5
Armor 6
Battle Information
Toxicity Medium
Powers Violet Spit
Target Information


Second Kaiju WarEdit

Toxaroicon was dispose by a Jaeger in less than ten minutes. It got to Karmxes Tundra and engaged an epic battle. The Kaiju fought with purple acid, acidic crab claws, and a dangerous skin. The Jaeger fought with ice guns and exploding spit fire ice bombs that freeze upon explosion.


Second Kaiju WarEdit

He only had two arms and six tentacle legs. He had tentacles coming out of new crab claws which sprouts acidic bombs,



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