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Toxic Atlantean
Technical Information
Given Name Toxic Atlantean
Launch Date 2015
Classification Mark 3
Status Put to Rest
Country of Origin Atlantis
Jaeger Specifications
Height 130m
Weight 2,500 Tons
Strength 5
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment MGS112/Recharging Energy Cell


Body Language Krogan Battlemaster
Power Moves Water
Pilots Two Atlanteans
Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Unknown


The Atlanteans stopped hiding their city in order to make a piece treaty with some of the governments for a Jaeger. They got an acid base artillery and had a distinct advantage for being water powered. They can go to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean without problems and can attack Kaiju when they serfice. It is a rookie Jaeger, it has potential to be one of the most sucessful and will certainly have the least amount of human civilians killed in the fight because Toxic brings the fight to the Kaiju.



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