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Turqoise Echo is an Australian Mark 5 launched in 2030. It is stationed in the Perth Shatterdome.

Turqoise Echo
Technical Information
Given Name Turqoise Echo
Nickname(s) Battler

Blue Boomer


Launch Date April 21, 2030
Classification Mark 5
Status Active
Country of Origin Australia
Jaeger Specifications
Height 278 feet (84.73 meters)
Weight 2,300 Tons
Speed 6
Strength 10
Armor 11
Battle Specifications
Equipment Nuclear Vortex Turbine

98BD/Hyper-Torque Drivers MGS112/Recharging Energy Cell

Weapons Incinerator Turbines

Z-14 Tesla Fists

Pilots Adrienne Thompson

James Scott

Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information


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Kaiju KilledEdit

Here is the list of Turqoise Echo's kaiju kills:

  1. Rockhead - 5/16/30 - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Team: Phoenix Delta
  2. Raijin - 6/29/30 - Auckland, New Zealand - Solo
  3. Yolanda - 11/18/30 - Manila, Philippines - Team: Phoenix Delta, Colossal Slayer
  4. Bakemono - 1/9/31 - Darwin, Australia - Solo