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Turqoise Echo is an Australian Mark 4 jaeger launched in 2018. It is stationed in the Brisbane Shatterdome.

Turqoise Echo
Technical Information
Given Name Turqoise Echo
Nickname(s) Battler

Blue Boomer


Launch Date April 21, 2018
Classification Mark 4
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Australia
Jaeger Specifications
Height 278 feet (84.73 meters)
Weight 2,300 Tons
Speed 6
Strength 9
Armor 10
Battle Specifications
Equipment Nuclear Vortex Turbine

98BD/Hyper-Torque Drivers MGS112/Recharging Energy Cell

Weapons Incinerator Turbines

Z-14 Tesla Fists

Pilots Adrienne Thompson

James Scott

Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information


Turqoise echo was a mark 4 Australian jaeger. It’s first deployment was in Papua new Guiena with the mark 2 mech Phoenix delta against category 4 Kaiju rockhead both jaegers teamed up and killed the beast. Years down the road turquoise echo defends Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. March 19, 2023 turqoise echo was deployed in Brisbane Australia to stop the catagory 4 Kaiju Bandarok the jaeger tackles the Kaiju pounding it’s brass knuckles on bandaroks head the Kaiju then uses its tail stinger to strike the jaeger con-podd due to pilots quick thinking the jaeger grabs it’s tail and swings it onto shore where echo will have the upper hand the Kaiju then revealed its 2nd tail stinger emerging from hiding in its back to finish the jaeger off by cutting threw the con-pod killing both pilots the jaeger is destroyed. A mark 4 Japanese jaeger echo saber and a mark 4 Vietnamese jaeger lotus spectral defeated the beast


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Kaiju KilledEdit

Here is the list of Turqoise Echo's kaiju kills:

  1. Rockhead - 5/16/18- Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Team: Phoenix Delta
  2. Cracker - 6/29/19 - Auckland, New Zealand - Solo
  3. Yolanda - 11/18/20- Manila, Philippines - Team: Phoenix Delta, Colossal Slayer
  4. Bakemono - 1/9/21 - Darwin, Australia - Solo