Vo Hingh as seen from a jaeger

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Vo Hinh is a category IV Kaiju which attacked South Korea in 2028. It is still alive, though no one has been able to find it. It caused serious damage to South Korea. It was forced to hide by Versteckte Destroyer. 


Vo Hinh emerged from the Indian Ocean Breach, and it went immediately towards South Korea. The only evidence to prove this is a couple of kaiju blue drops from the seafloor directing towards South korea. It took a few hours to succesfully find the Kaiju with Versteckte Destroyer, who had kaiju sensors on its radars. When Verseckte Destroyer landed a hit, Vo Hinh showed its true appearance for 3 seconds, then disappeared again and electrified Veresckte Destroyer, causing its radar to malfunction. Vo Hinh has remained hidden since.


No one truly knows what Vo Hinh looks like, as it has a very unique ability to turn invisible. It seems to have the ability to electrify things, and the only way to locate it are to follow its footprints. The pilots of Versesteckte Destroyer have what appears to be the most accurate accound of this Kaiju's appearance:

"Es hatte große Tentakel, wie eine Qualle. Es hatte eine transluzente Kopf, die ähnlich wie die eines Tintenfisch war. Sein Gehirn leuchtete ein helles Blau. Es schien zu tropfen kaiju blau. Und es hatte einen langen Schwanz endet in was schien wie große Nadel-ähnliche Geräte, die an die Quelle seiner Unsichtbarkeit zu sein scheint."


"It had large tentacles, like a Jellyfish. It had a translucent head, which was similar to that of a squid. Its brain glowed a bright blue. It seemed to be dripping kaiju blue. And it had a long tail ending in what seemed like large needle-like apparatus, which seems to be the source of its invisibility."

Its tentacles seem to be the source of its eletrifying abilites, and its tail is the source of its invisibilty. If it is hit, it is no longer invisible for 3 seconds, barely enough to get a glimpse of it.