Valor Blade
Valor Blade
Technical Information
Given Name Valor Blade
Nickname(s) Valor


Launch Date 2016
Classification Mark II
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin England
Jaeger Specifications
Height 312ft(95.0976m)
Weight 1,237 Tons
Speed 9
Strength 10
Armor 8
Battle Specifications
Weapons Sting Blades

MK-1 Hellfire Missile Launcher

Power Moves Valor Strike
Pilots Alfred Walker

Joshua "J" Walker

Kaiju Killed 13
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Days of Lost Valor (Coming Soon)
Valor Blade was a Mark 2 Jaeger assembled in London England, 2016, piloted by Alfred and Joshua Walker. It was the first Jaeger to use the prototype "Sting Blades."


Valor Blade 1.0 Schematics


Along with the other  Mark 2's, it was assembled in 2016. Valor's first kill was an unnamed kaiju, in Shinjuku District Tokyo. In December 24, 2016, it fought with a category 2 kaiju named Blueback in San Diego, Califronia. The battle was long and tough. Blueback managed to severely damage both of Valor's legs. The battle put even more stress on the legs, and it eventually became incapacitated, and fell down on the Emerald Plaza building. The wounds inflicted by Valor Blade eventually caused
Valor Blade 1.5 Schematics


Blueback to bleed out and die.

On July 9th, 2017, Valor Blade is fully repaired. With new powerfull legs, and faster fighting capabilities, it was one of the  strongest Jaegers of it's time. When a category 3 kaiju named Yamarashi surfaced in Los Angelas, Valor Blade is deployed alongside Gypsy Danger. After the construction of Crimson Typhoon, a category 3 kaiju named Crag attacks Seattle. Valor Blade is sent in to fight, but in an unfortunate turn of events, Valor Blade is destroyed, and the Walker brothers died from the injuries six days later. It's remains were used to build the first Mark 5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka.


Valor Blade carries two Sting Blades hidden on the forearms. It also has an MK-1 Hellfire Missile Launcher in it's chest.