Vector Apex
Technical Information
Given Name Vector Apex
Nickname(s) Maverick, Beaver and Raccoon
Launch Date April 11th 2027
Classification Mark 5
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin New Zealand
Jaeger Specifications
Height 1 Oil Ship and 2 Fishing boats
Weight Same as every Jaeger
Speed 12
Strength 21
Armor 26
Battle Specifications
Equipment Auto Pilot, Escape Pod and Orbital Support
Operating System Niksput Power 47.22
Energy Core Electric Core
Weapons AKM Chest Launchers and Tactical Warhead nukes
Body Language A Snap turtle
Power Moves Hydra Boost and Thermal detection
Pilots Nikolai Dempsy and Trevor Abe (both Deceased)
Kaiju Killed 6
Out-of-Universe information

Vector Apex is a New Zealand Jaeger made after a Unknown Jaeger.


Vector Apex started out as a Computer Design soon later it began to be a Toy as meanwhile Stacker Pentacost liked the design and Wanted to make a jaeger out of the toy design as it was a Joke it was first began in the Shatterdome in Miami, Florida as a Mark 5 Jaeger They had to Hire someone and to Hire Nikolai and Trevor who used to work as Police officers and so on.

Kaiju Kill RosterEdit

This is The Roster that counts Vector Apex's defeats or Assists

Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Hairo 4/12/2027 Osaka, Japan Crusade Magma
Kryptick 5/25/2030 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Sontinh-1
Neckbreak 1/20/2031 Unknown Solo
Axeface 9/21/2022 Okhotsk sea Solo
Triumph 1/2/2034 Wellington,New Zealand solo
Igarah 1/18/2038 New York City,USA Solo


Knifehead by alexson1-d6dy23m

Hairo heading towards Osaka

Hairo is the Category 4 that had emerged on April 12th 2027 that was heading towards Osaka Japan. Little did K Science officer Ajay and Newt had predicted this of Hairo emerging when they drifted King Pout's Brain.During the Destruction, Vector Apex drops and Surprise attacks Hairo with assist from Crusade Magma to tackle the kaiju and Vector took a swing at Hairo's face as Crusade swings a Tower at Hairo. Finally Vector swung a fist through Hairo's face as it fell.



Kryptick sighting Vector Apex

Vector's Second kill was Encountered by Krytick in Vietnam in the Miracle Mile along side Sontinh-1 as Kryptick bursts through the Kaiju Wall and to Miracle Mile attacking the Port as Sontinh-1 Punched Kryptick's eye and as of Vector Apex beating it down by a assist of Sontinh-1 Stomping its face as the kaiju died as Kaiju Blue gushes out of Kryptick's face


PRneckbreaker2 zps26d20fae

Vectors 3rd Kaiju Kill is Neckbreaker a Catagory 4 kaiju that rised from the sea as it head to the unknown location as Vector Apex drops out of the blind and swinging a oil Ship that was by Vector's arm at Neckbreaker's face as the kaiju Gripped the ship as it Hit Vector Apex's Right leg as a advantage for the kaiju Hitting Vector's Face as Vector Apex took out a sword as cutting Neckbreaker's chestplate open as Neckbreaker flung Vector Apex into the Unknown Harbor as Vector Apex used the AKM Chest launchers and fired at Neckbreaker's face as it blew up into chunks as it dropped into the sea.


Kaiju1 1 by tommasorenieri-d70hb8j

Vector Apex's 4th kill was being ecountered by Axeface in the Okhotsk Sea while guarding a naval ship. Vector Apex Notices Axeface's Head blade in the sea.Vector immedatly informs the ship that Axeface is sneaking.Soon Vector Grabbed the blade as it Punches axeface's side of face once it immediatly came out of the sea and took out its Sword and cut up Axeface's stomach as the same thing Vector did to Neckbreaker as it took out its plasmacaster and blew up Axeface's body as it fell.

Triumph Edit

Vector Apex 5th kill was being ambushed by Triumph in Wellington while guarding the Kaiju wall as it tackled Vector Apex and as of Vector Apex fists Triumph in the face over and over as it pushes Vector Apex into the wall again as Vector Grabbed Triumph's Horn and Bashes Triumph with Vector's knee as Triumph collapses. Then Vector Apex uses Thermal Missiles and Fires at Triumph and blows up.