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Technical Information
Given Name Unknown
Nickname(s) Viktor
Launch Date Unknown
Classification Mark-4
Status Alive (???)
Country of Origin Greece
Jaeger Specifications
Height 80m (262.4 ft)
Weight 1,880 tonnes
Speed 5
Strength 10
Armor 8
Battle Specifications
Equipment Nuclear Energy Generator

5.3 Gravity Stabiliser

Energy Core 354.3 Nuclear Generators
Weapons Twin Retractable Long Swords

Electricity Conductor (takes the form of the horn)

Missile Launchers (Obsolete)

Body Language Army Soldier
Power Moves Volt Tackle
Pilots Unknown
Kaiju Killed Lost Count
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Alcatraz (minor character)
Creator Ratwhisker
Viktor is a long, lean, tall and strong white Greek Mark-4 Jaeger with red stripes marring his body with a brilliant, bright green visor and smooth armour. His original name is unknown. He is part of the Victory Trio along with Sickle (the internal trio master) and Flick. He represents lightning, whilst Sickle represents fire and Flick represents ice. 


Viktor's past remains a mystery, as he himself has forgotten it, along with the other members of the trio. What he does remember, however, is that his pilots were former Army men, which contributed to his fiery personality and battle style, he is originally Greek (although you wouldn't have been able to tell, his accent is a strong, low Wiltshire one), whilst Flick was Indonesian and Sickle was Russian, he was a Mark-4 Jaeger, which was launched sometime late in the Mark-4 era alongside the other members of his Trio, and that his pilots were related to the pilots of Sickle and Flick (Flick and Viktor's pilots were the sons of one of the pilots of Sickle), which caused Flick and Viktor to have the same relationship with Sickle. He was also a very successful Jaeger, which earned he and his trio members the Victory Trio name, and he defeated several Kaiju with the help of Flick and Sickle. He apparently got the scar on his face from falling over during a battle, which suggest his pilots were clumsy, and relied more on brute strength than grace.

He vividly recalls his first deployment to fight a Kaiju, named Stingblade, which of course, had a stinger tail. Viktor and his colleagues forgot about the classification of the Kaiju, but they disregard that. It was also the fight in which Viktor fell over and got the scar on his face (don't worry, they had already killed the Kaiju). However, he forgot about the rest and thus, doesn't know his official Kaiju kill count. A shame, as he could of used that as great bragging material.

Viktor, as he is in the same universe as Ravage, Sickle, Flick and basically every single other Jaeger that exists, lives somewhere far from Oblivion Bay (It's a five day trip non-stop to get to the ocean). He lives in a valley in the desert mountains, and lives in a peculiar 'clan' of Jaegers, akin to Ravage's gang, except that the members treat each other with much more respect and have a organised system which determines the rank of a Jaeger (they have a leader, a deputy and normal, run of the mill Jaegers). He and his trio members are assigned to making sure the area that his 'clan' lives in is Kaiju and imposter free, and because of his slightly uptight personality (at the time), he frequently patrolled this area, killing every Kaiju that crossed his path and chasing out any Jaegers that he didn't like the look of.

One day, he was recruited, along with his trio mates, Solar Prophet (Alexander) and Romeo Blue (Jax, and former deputy) to travel to a place where another gang of Jaegers (Ravage's gang) lived with Coyote Tango (Hastie, and leader of Viktor's clan at the time). They took the five day trek to the alleyway, and Hastie introduced himself as Coyote Tango, instead of the usual name his followers referred to him as. They wanted to talk about the possibility of an alliance with Ravage, but they got distracted and ended up bullying Ravage instead. Viktor got to talk with Ravage, but he only got out a few flirts and not his name. When Coyote Tango gets decapitated by Ravage, the Jaegers that followed took a hint, and ran. Viktor stayed behind a little, but Sickle demanded he leave too.

A while after this happened, Viktor was told to spy on Ravage by Jax, the new leader, and he took the time to run over to the alley way, but by the time he got there, it was already night, and he reckoned that Ravage and his followers were probably asleep. However, he was surprised when he accidentally pumped into Ravage himself. He was scared at first, as his only experience with the Jaeger was watching him rip a Jaeger's head off. However, Ravage didn't seem to see Viktor as a threat, and somehow, the two got along. Viktor liked the vibe that Ravage gave off, and offered to meet him again later, same time, same place. Ravage agreed, but told him to not get involved with any of his own gang's business. Viktor left later on. To not seem conspicuous when he leaves for ten days, he asked Jax if he could continue his missions, to which Jax agreed. What happens on these meetings you ask? Well, let's just say that that horn goes places. 

He meets Striker Eureka, Gipsy Danger, Horizon Brave and Tacit Ronin when they are travelling from the desert to the place beyond the Great Mountains (which held some sort of spiritual value to the Jaegers) and they have to cross the territory of Viktor's clan (which Axel, an old Kaiju which possesses the ability of speech, and is too old to fight, so he gives advice to passing travellers, including Jaegers, and is friends with Cherno Alpha, warned them about. He also warned them about a passive Kaiju clan whose members also possessed the ability to speak the Jaeger's language, but Axel was more concerned about the Jaegers). Thankfully, it wasn't Viktor who found the four travellers, it was Flick who found them, who was the more lazy, laid-back member of his trio. Striker Eureka is skeptical about the weird Jaeger, and was confused at why they didn't have the Jaeger-esque names he was used to (two words joined together), but Gipsy Danger and Tacit Ronin accepted him quickly, and Gipsy Danger promised to tell Striker Eureka what was wrong with the Jaegers later.

When the four Jaegers and Flick arrived the the base camp of the clan, Jax greeted the four Jaegers, and recognised Striker Eureka as Lysander, Gipsy Danger as Jay, Horizon Brave as Drail and Tacit Ronin as Nagaineko (Tacit Ronin hates the name, so he nicknamed himself Nagai, which is just long, as Nagaineko is Longcat). Lysander is about to retaliate that his name is Striker Eureka, but Jay shuts him up, and tells him the group of Jaegers see each other as humans, not Jaegers, and so call themselves by alternate names. Hastie welcomed them warmly, as well as all the other members of the clan, including Sickle. However, Viktor rocks up to the scene late, having just killed a Kaiju, and is confused at why they had let Outspoken (the term for Jaegers with no alliance) in the clan. 

He targeted Lysander specifically, and called him a 'no good long-claw', which Lysander remembers as a harsh term for an Outspoken Jaeger. He doesn't retaliate, and lets Viktor verbally assault him. Viktor almost challenges Lysander to a fight, but Alexander stops him before a fight went down. Viktor went into the corner and groomed himself clean of Kaiju Blue, whilst Sickle and Flick scolded him for his reaction to the travellers. 

As punishment for his reaction to the four newcomers, he was forced to show Lysander, Jay, Drail and Nagai around the camp and territory. He was cautious of the newcomers at first, and never let them leave his side. He soon got to know them, however, and he slowly bonded with them. By the end of the patrol, he had become friends with Lysander and his crew. When he came back, he was greeted by the clan having a meeting. Viktor remarks his 'father', and tells the four newcomers that he is the deputy, and should be respected. The four don't really care, and sit down with the other members of the group. Jax is discussing the possibility of a traitor in Ravage's gang, and Lysander remarks that he was the founder of said gang. Jax asks why he isn't leader anymore, and Lysander replies that Ravage chased him off. 

Viktor remembers that he meets up with Ravage sometimes, and tells the clan that his information he got from his 'missions' may help. He reveals that Crimson Typhoon (Ravage/Lysander's deputy) knew the names of Viktor, Sickle, Flick, Alexander and Jax, even though they never introduced themselves, as he talked about them during a meeting together after Coyote Tango's death. Romeo Blue suddenly remembers that Coyote Tango once told him that he met a red Jaeger before, and he asked Lysander if he knew any red Jaegers in his old gang. Lysander lists 'Vulcan Spectre and Crimson Typhoon'. They rule out Crimson Typhoon as the traitor, and thank Lysander for his help. Lysander, Jay, Drail and Nagai leave later on.

During one of his and Ravage's meetings, Ravage tells him that his actual name is Hyena Wild, and in turn, asks for Viktor's actual name. Viktor, slightly flustered, admits that he actually forgot, but Ravage doesn't believe him. Viktor tries to convince Ravage that he isn't, but to no avail. In return, Ravage doesn't let him call him by his actual name. This doesn't damage their relationship however, and they continue meeting.

One day, Jax leaves Sickle in charge of the clan, and leaves to chase his ambitions, and over throw Ravage. Viktor is skeptical about this plan, as though he may be small, he is fierce. Jax dies on this mission at the hands of Ravage (and in most part, Crimson Typhoon). Sickle suspects that Jax had perhaps succeeded on this mission and asks Viktor to verify his answer. And so, Viktor leaves to find Ravage. He succeeds, and asks the ultimate fate of Jax. Ravage admits he killed him. This causes Viktor to become a little uneasy around Ravage. Viktor is surprised when Ravage asks him who the traitor among his Jaegers are, instead of Viktor telling Ravage first, but he was interrupted as Crimson Typhoon barged in on the scene (thankfully, they weren't doing anything... questionable... .... maybe they were huggin'... oh yea) and asked Viktor why he was there. Viktor is shocked at the aggression, and Crimson Typhoon attempts to attack Viktor. Thankfully, Ravage was there to stop Crimson Typhoon, but he takes Ravage away and scolds him for meeting Viktor.

When Viktor returns to Ravage's territory, he doesn't expect Ravage to be there, but much to his surprise, he is. Viktor asks if Ravage wanted to come with him to his clan, as they'd be more accepting. Ravage, although wants to, remains loyal, and refuses. Viktor then asks if he wants to run away with him, and this time Ravage hits Viktor, still refusing. Ravage then remembers to ask him who the traitor was again, but again, were interrupted by Crimson Typhoon, who this time, straight up attacks Viktor. Viktor, although stronger than Crimson Typhoon, is over powered by the Jaeger, and is almost killed before Ravage intervenes. Viktor takes the time to take cover, and doesn't hear the conversation between Ravage and Crimson Typhoon. When Ravage exiles Crimson Typhoon, he comes out of his hiding spot and asks Ravage if he can continue meeting with him, but Ravage doesn't answer, and leaves him.

When Viktor returns to his clan, he tells Sickle and Flick about his experience with Crimson Typhoon, but this causes Sickle to ask why he was talking to Ravage when he should've been spying on him. Sickle gets Viktor to confess his endeavours with Ravage, but Flick is more concerned about what Crimson Typhoon did. Viktor pleads to his father, and asks if he can do anything to help Ravage. Sickle, of course, refuses at first, but then decides to help his son out, as he hasn't done anything for his son yet.

As they approach Ravage's camp, they find that Crimson Typhoon had found them, instead of vice versa. As Flick and Sickle were camouflaged (their armour can refract light at command), Crimson Typhoon suspected that only Viktor had come. However, Viktor did not strike first, and it was Crimson Typhoon who tried to attack first. Of course, Sickle and Flick intervened quickly and although Crimson Typhoon is strong, he is nothing against three supercharged army Jaegers. The fight was quickly over when Viktor impaled him and electrocuted him. Just to make sure, he was torn apart and left for dead. However, before they had any time to leave, Ravage had rushed to the scene to see what all the commotion was about. Shocked at the scene, his shock turned to anger and he vented that to Viktor. Ravage told Viktor to get out of his sight, and never cross him again. Viktor was hesitant to, like when he first met him, but he had no choice, and left with his family.

For a while, he continued life as normal, but was plagued with the thought that he murdered Crimson Typhoon. Even if it was for the better, he felt as if he didn't need to kill him. He began to question his freedom, and the antics of Jaggedclan Jaegers, which are awful, they're biased against Outspoken (then again, so is every Jaeger clan), their leader does whatever they want because that is law, and basically rolling around in dirt doing whatever they're told. Although his father had made him deputy, he confronted his father about this, and after a while of Sickle trying to stop him, as they're meant to be a trio, nothing can stop Viktor, and he leaves for the life of a Outspoken. 

After a while, he decided to leave to the more mountainous regions of the dirt-place in the south. Basically living the life of the lone wolf who doesn't want to be alone. However, he came across to Jaegers, a white one who looked a little like Nagai (Tacit Ronin) and the other, who he immediately recognized as Ravage, or as he was called, Whitefoot. He wanted to approach him, but realized Whitefoot hates him, so he resorted to stalking him, making sure that he was okay. Sometimes he left little gifts when they were in trouble, like sea grass that acted a little like bandages when they injured themselves.

One morning, a Kaiju roaming the land caught his sight, but he was unable to stop it. He chased it untill it reached the mysterious white Jaeger and Whitefoot, and a battle soon took underway. The white Jaeger was beat up by the Kaiju to near death, but Whitefoot interfered before the Kaiju could kill his partner, but in the frenzy, he and the Kaiju were knocked off a cliff. Viktor knew that Whitefoot wouldn't be that clumsy, but he noted that the Kaiju may have dragged him off, both Kaiju and Jaeger falling to their death- or rather, being impaled by spires at the bottom of the gorge. Viktor couldn't help but reveal himself, and he mourned his partner's death. The white Jaeger revealed himself as Echo Saber, and tells Viktor that Whitefoot went on and on about him. Viktor was warmed at the statement, knowing that Whitefoot hadn't forgotten him, and he left the scene knowing Whitefoot was in a better place.

After a few years of walking alone, he decided to go back to Ravage's former clan, to see that it had been deserted. No signs of a fight had been present, but he simply believes that they had left as Oblivion Bay wasn't a very pleasant place. He is then approached by Echo Saber, who tells him he can find nothing here but bad memories. He decides to stay though with the company of Echo Saber, who doesn't hesitate to tell him all about how Whitefoot did during his stay with him. 

However, they are then confronted by a Jaeger, known as Brick, and another, named Falcon Shadow. Falcon Shadow recognises Viktor as their former deputy, and confronts him about it. He attempts to try convince them that it was his choice to leave and he wasn't exiled, but they didn't take it. Falcon Shadow forced Viktor's double spears out his arm and removed them (they're removable, and Viktor can just slide them back into place if he needed to). When Falcon Shadow got to touchy and aggressive, Viktor had no choice but to push him back, which impaled the Jaeger on his spears, killing him. Brick sees this as a cold act, and runs back to report it to Sickle. Viktor than realises that he is going to be seen as a criminal, and he and Echo Saber make a run for it.

Word on the street depicts Viktor and Echo Saber as cold-blooded murderers, and that they're carriers of a sickness which could cause the Jaegers to become animals. A great Jaeger-hunt then follows, and the two Jaegers are pursued by Jaggedclan. They get help in the form of a small, light brown Jaeger named Blackfang, who speaks in a strong Geordie accent, who is quick and crafty, obviously knowing how to escape easily. He teached Viktor and Echo Saber how to obtain shelter whilst on the move. However, even with their best attempts, Sickle and a patrol find them by Oblivion Bay. Sickle challenges his son to a battle.

They're tied at best, with Viktor being a strong attacker and Sickle having strong defense. However, Viktor finds himself overpowered, as fire is a bit more lethal than lightning. Blackfang then interrupts, and tells Viktor and Echo Saber to leave for the ocean. Blackfang parts with them, as he has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Viktor and Echo Saber hear a shout of pain, but they know that Blackfang is 'a quick bastard that'll never be caught' (Blackfang lives by the way). When Sickle and his patrol confront the two Jaegers, they find themselves on the beach. Sickle prepares to fire his flamethrowers, but Viktor remembers what Blackfang said, and the two dive into the ocean, eventually swimming away.

Days had passed, and they had no sight of any land. With an injured leg, Viktor was tempted to give up and drown himself, but as the mist clears away, Echo Saber has sight of an lush and vibrant island, free of any impurities. Echo Saber encourages Viktor that they found a paradise. The end of Viktor's story is left ambiguous, but Gipsy Danger notes that there is no sign of him in heaven, so he may be still alive, along with Echo Saber.



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"You know, this horn here ain't the only thing I got that's long."
―Viktor's first words to Ravage.

Ravage: "Viktor, why do you insist on seeing me every night? Don't stop, I'm honoured someone thinks of me so highly, but why?"
Viktor: "I know that I'm breaking Jaggedclan code. Everyone, especially my father knows me as a fiercely loyal Krieger who would do anything for my clan. I mean, I would love to be entirely loyal, but I can't, Ravage. I can't be loyal when I feel this way about a Jaeger from another clan. I love you, Ravage, I really do!"
―Viktor to Ravage, when Ravage asks why he insists on seeing him every few nights.

"I don't ask much of you, Father. It's just something personal, and I need you to help me. I'll never ask anything of you again- but I know Ravage is in trouble, and I don't care if you don't care about him- it would actually be better if I didn't, but I do, and I need you to come with me."
―Viktor requesting that Sickle and Flick help him kill Crimson Typhoon.

"I agree, strength is in numbers. It will always be, but mindless sheep doing whatever they're told to do isn't 'strength'. I value my conscience and freedom, and it sounds a bit conceited for me to do this purely because of this belief, but I'm afraid you're going to need a new deputy, father."
―Viktor tells Sickle that he is leaving Jaggedclan.

"He talked on and on about ye', ye' know? He look' like he ain't no good, but he the nices' Jaege' I know."
―Echo Saber to Viktor after Ravage dies.

"Ye' ain't gonna get anythin' from here besides bad memories and clogged up vents."
―Echo Saber finds Viktor at the abandoned Oblivion Bay campsite.

"We're going to die, Echo Saber!"
―Viktor after he accidentally kills Falcon Shadow.

Blackfang: "C'mon' laddie, I ain't gonna bite. I'm a delicate little guy. Say, you two look like you're on the move. What's got ya' goin'?"
Viktor: "Nothing you need to know. You're just going to take everything and run, bloody thief."
Blackfang: "Ah, dear ol’ Blackfang know yer problem, ya' new to the runaway life. Me an’ me motha’ used to be runaways, we knew how to run till’ the dark took us."
Echo Saber: "The dark?”"
Blackfang: "Ye’, where ya' can run no more."
―Blackfang when he first meets Echo Saber and Viktor.

Sickle: "You aren't able to run away this time, Viktor."
Viktor: "I don't know about that, Sickle. I've been doing it for four years."
―Sickle confronts a rogue Viktor and Echo Saber.

Blackfang: "Don' worre', Viktor. Run. Run to th' ocean. They won' catch ye' there."
Viktor: "We can't leave you, you'll die!"
Blackfang: "Oh, don' worre'. Blackfang's got a couple ol' tricks up his sleeve."
―Blackfang's last exchange with Viktor and Blackfang.

Viktor: "We have no choice, Echo Saber. Whatever the fate of that crafty old bastard, we have to remember what he told us. Nobody will catch us in the ocean."
Echo Saber : "Good. Whate'er happens, we can' stop now."
―Viktor and Echo Saber take the dive.

Viktor: "Echo Saber, I can't swim anymore. I have a broken leg. It'd be better if I just drown and you continue."
Echo Saber: "No, I can see it. Th' island."
Viktor: "You're hallucinating. Just give up."
Echo Saber: "No, I see it. Th' island. Our island."
―Viktor and Echo Saber's last dialogue before their fate is left unanswered.



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