Volcano Hakai is a Mark-4 Japanese Jaeger, included in both the First and Second Kaiju Wars. It was stationed mostly in the Tokyo Shatterdome, but a few times it got deployed from the Nakasaki Shatterdome. Its pilots were the married couple, Hikaru and Natsuki Honda.


It is an extremely powerful Jaeger, and the only one to be able to fly on its own. Its thrusters have tons of firepower. It was also able to gather energy for itself, which frequently upgraded its plasma cannon. It has a laser gun pod on its left shoulder, and a rocket launcher that fires 7 erectors at once on the other. The plasma cannon is on left hand's palm. On each wrist there is a mortar launcher that has 6 ammo each. The right hand can wield a Katana, which it can pull out of its torso.


Kaiju killed:

Ravage: Category 4, August 6th, 2022, Osaka, Japan. Jaeger Team: Solo

Steeljaw: Category 4, February 12th, 2023 Kobe, Japan. Jaeger Team: Earthquake Omega

Ramhorn: Category 4, June 7th, 2027, Sapporo, Japan. Jaeger Team: Katana Echo

Millionkill, Category 4, July 23rd, 2027, Busan, Korea. Jaeger Team: Earthquake Omega

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