Technical Information
Given Name Voltron
Nickname(s) Beast King Go-Lion

Voltron Replica Lion-Bot Defender of The Universe

Launch Date 2026
Classification Mark IV (later upgraded to Mark VIII)
Status Active
Country of Origin Canada
Jaeger Specifications
Height 204 feet
Weight 1,300 tons
Speed 8
Strength 6
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment Sword

Plasma Cannon Elbow Rocket

Energy Core Nuclear Reactor
Weapons Electricity Sword

Plasma Cannon Elbow Rocket Flamethrower

Body Language Splits off into 5 robot lions and morphs together into one giant robot
Kaiju Killed 5
Out-of-Universe information
Creator Newton Geiszler
Voltron is a Mark IV Jaeger created around the beginning of the Second Kaiju War. It is a replica of Voltron created by the Jaeger Program. It was an idea created by Newton Geiszler  after watching one episode too many of the 70's television show, Voltron. It took 6 laboring months before the Second Kaiju War to build the Jaeger and perfect the technology needed to replicate what made Voltron split apart into robot lions and morph into one giant robot, but it worked. 


The idea came about when Newton Geiszler watched one episode too many of Voltron , the hit TV show from the 70's about 5 robot lions that morph into a giant robot to fight evil. He went up to the latest meeting and presented the idea. At first, Herc wasn't sure, but he grew up with the show and liked the idea of a Jaeger that can split apart for easier movement and morph together when needed. So, he approved the idea.

Building began immediately in Canada, and it was incredibly hard to make the perfect mechanisms on the robot lions to get them to morph into their own version of Voltron. After 6 punishing months of going through blueprints to get them to morph, they finally did it. They created a replica of Voltron.

A Kaiju made landfall in New York City and attacked. They sent in "Voltron", morphed up and ready to attack and fight the Kaiju, and Voltron successfully defeated the Kaiju creature.

Participated MissionsEdit

In 2029, Voltron faced off against a Knifehead in Boston. Voltron destroyed the Kaiju by stabbing it with his sword.

the upgrade Edit

in 2046 Voltron was upgraded to mark 8 after 6 years after it's interview by Project Altas.

Differences from the Real VoltronEdit

  • The Voltron Newton built has a nuclear reactor in the main lion. The cartoon does not.
  • Voltron from the cartoon didn't have plasma cannons or an elbow rocket. This one does.
  • It is unclear who built Voltron from the cartoon. The PPDC version was created by Newton Geiszler.
  • Voltron in the cartoon is operated from gears and switches by 5 pilots. This new Voltron needs only 2 pilots, and uses the traditional neural link operating system.