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This will happen to you if bitten by a skinmite
Technical Information
Kaiju Species Mutated Human
Breach Date None; happened in 2029
Category N/A
Status Cured; Turned back to human
Origin Mako Mori mutated after bitten by Kaiju Skinnmite
Kaiju Specifications
Height 200 feet
Weight 1,200 tons
Speed 8
Strength 6
Armor 5
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Fight or Flight; Rage-fueled; confused
Toxicity None
Powers Incredible speed; powerful jaws
Target Information
City Targeted Los Angeles
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
People always thought that the Kaiju Skinmites that fed off the blood of the Kaiju were harmless. But, the reality was that if one of them bit you, it would inject some of the blood into you. This was the result. 'Were-Kaiju' was a mutated Kaiju form of the Jaeger pilot, Mako Mori, after she was bitten by a Skinmite. It took a week to find the cure for her. Her Kaiju form may look frail, but it is still quite dangerous. It has a powerful bite force that can tear through metal, including that of Jaegers. It is also incredibly fast and agile.


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Physical PowersEdit

The Were-Kaiju may look frail and weak, but it really isn't weak at all. It is actually fast and agile, making anyone mutated into one of these a deadly foe. It has a powerful jaw that can tear through metal and steel, including that of Jaegers.

Mako's mutated form bares a startling resemblance to a mix between Gollum and the Xenomorph from Alien. She even has the ability to shoot spikes from her back to attack opponents.

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