The X-50 Weapon Mounts are devices attached to the Jaeger Dual Hawk's forearms, for the purpose of mounting weapons, such as the Thunderstorm Arbalest and, later, the Pacific Storm .


The device consists of a sliding rail, not unlike the Tactical Rails on many NERF weapons. The weapons have to be mounted on a crane in an operation that can take several hours; the Thunderstorm Arbalest was mounted during the attack of the kaiju HK2-5, and due to the lack of planning for a kaiju attack the crane driver hit the release button whilst leaving to open Scramble Alley, causing the crane to the arbalest. At that point the arbalest ripped the slide out of the arm, which collapsed to the floor in a defening noise. The dynamo then launched out of the wreckage, which was going everywhere, and into a power cable, overloading the Shatterdome's generators. The backup generators never activated, due to the activators overloading. In the panic, the generators were only manually activated minutes before HK2-5 reached Hong Kong. Once the rebuilt Thunderstorm Arbalest was attached, clamps bolted the weapon to the arm. It had been proven that in order to pull off the weapon you would need to remove the arm.