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Zregling is a Category-IV Kaiju. It breached in 8-7-39

Technical Information
Given Name Zregling
Kaiju Species brute
Breach Date 8-7-39
Category 4
Status deceased
Origin anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 320 feet
Weight Displacement: 4000

Weight: 150,000

Speed 4
Strength 9
Armor 12
Battle Information
Attack Behavior slow, tank damge
Toxicity low
Powers horns
Weaknesses base of throat, tail base
Target Information
City Targeted new york
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed


Zregling has six limbs, two of which are small digging appendages, the rest are combat and walking limbs. Zregling has a face sheild similar to scunners horns, but smaller. Zreglings tail is long, and branches into two segments, with a large spike at the point the seperate.


Zregling breached with Drexor and Shrike. Zregling was responsible for causing several billion dollars of subway damage when it burrowed through the street and wrecking the tunnels. It later used its tail to swat down a few office buildings, and was killed in the middle of madison square garden.

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